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Starlight express, the foremost leader in educational planetarium programming delivers top quality shows for young minds. Check out our show catalog where you will find content regarding such subjects as the earth, the sun, our solar system, natural disasters, global geography and many more.

Our pricing is very competetive and we offer discount options for the seating capacity of your theatre and the number of shows you wish to purchase our perpetual licenses for. Should you choose to implement content from our shows into your own programming we make the master frames available. Some restrictions and additional fees will apply but we accept all major credit cards.

Always on the lookout for new content we continually have many things in the works. Click the WIP tab to see our works in progress. If you have suggestions for a new show that you would like to see click the contact tab and let us know your wishes. We'll put it on our "To Do" list!

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Should you have any further questions or would like to contact us for help in uploading our content a quick touch on the contact tab will bring you to our contact page where you can send us an e-mail. Enter your information and become part of our RSS news feed group to see what's new.

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